Good Company

Based on cost value we manage in excess of £100 million of investments across the UK and Germany, together with an impressive development pipeline.

Our keen focus on UK and European markets means we are quick to spot potential, and able to deliver developments that are truly responsive to the locality, providing maximum commercial and social value. The flexibility, speed and enthusiasm with which we respond are key to our success.

Over twenty years’ experience provides us with the expertise to swiftly and thoroughly measure risk. Our reputation is based on results and we are expert in bringing together the right teams to deliver our vision: we keep good company.

Track Record

Amstone has a proven track record of working with development partners, planners, communities and our funders to achieve exceptional results. We’re a long-standing company with an enviable mix of market knowledge and experience, cutting our teeth in the competitive world of house building back in the early nineties.

We look for development opportunities out of the norm, and have a good reputation for creating successful developments on difficult sites. Our keen eye for emerging opportunities has led us into ambitious projects, focusing on mixed-use developments. In 1999, we completed our first retail scheme. Today, we have mixed-use, residential, retail and leisure schemes in progress, worth over £100 million.


We believe that any area has the potential to be special and that our developments can be a catalyst for change. Our ambition & enthusiasm attracts the right teams to allow a development to achieve its full potential.

We carefully consider each opportunity, its challenges and its potential value so we deliver the right scheme for an area. We look for ways to add value throughout the development process, and we find ways to realise those ideas.

By understanding this bigger picture we ensure each development delivers both short and long-term value for all stakeholders involved.

Our People

Amstone has brought together a team of exceptionally talented people who thrive on the challenge of development. Our enthusiasm is infectious and we’re sure you’ll enjoy working with us.

Our business objective is not simply to be bigger, but to be better… in the opportunities we identify and the schemes we deliver.

All of our team are committed to this and want to see Amstone’s reputation as a development catalyst continue to grow.

Our Brochure

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