German Commercial Investments

German Commercial Investments is a Guernsey based group focused on investing in commercial real estate in Germany.

Our key asset is speed. Our chain of command is short & therefore decisions can be made & acted upon promptly. Additionally we have the flexibility to meet the specific needs of each vendor. We aim to close transactions within less than 4 weeks after acknowledgement of an exclusivity period.

The Portfolio

We have built a significant portfolio of supermarkets that are spread widely across Germany, with average lease terms over 10 years. The average portfolio value is approaching €100 million euro.

We have agreements with several developers to finance their projects under the German MaBV structure protecting both ourselves & developers. We find an ideal scenario for both parties to allow the developers to undertake projects they may previously have been unable to carry through.

Legal Team & Process

For our due diligence work we use KL Gates based in Berlin. The team turn around legal documents in 1 week with a view to get contracts notarised 2 weeks from receipt of full due diligence documents.

Our ability to make quick decisions coupled with the speed of our legal team allow for German Commercial Investments Ltd to purchase assets quickly & efficiently.

Investment Requirements

We have to date been actively buying in the German retail sector to a total of circa €100 million & the capacity to grow to €300 million. Currently we have made acquisitions primarily focused the ‘discount’ supermarket sector. We aim to significantly increase this portfolio and acquire similar properties however we will purchase a broad range of retailer units judging each investment on its own merits.

As we have developed intimate knowledge of the German market we are also looking to attain a significantly large portfolio of residential units as well to compliment our retail portfolio.
In addition to this we also are interested in hotels, shopping centres, nursing homes, logistics centres & offices depending on lease lengths & covenant strength.

Our minimum lot size is €1 million and we can accommodate the purchase of portfolios in excess of €100 million.