There is a right time for every scheme; a right time to make a development opportunity happen. At Amstone we understand this, recognise the opportunity and turn it into a reality. Being visionary does not mean we are unrealistic – our experience ensures our plans are measured, practical, deliverable; and that the risks we take are qualified.

Because Amstone is an independent company, we are able to move quickly and make things happen. We keep a keen eye on the property market and construction developments across the UK and Europe.

We are constantly looking for development opportunities and for new joint venture partners so that we have the contacts in place for when the time is right…


At Amstone, we are committed to improving our environmental performance and promoting sustainable development internally and through our partnerships with builders, developers and funders.

Wherever possible, we promote the use of sustainable resources to reduce our impact on the environment.

We aim to:

  • Encourage the use of environmentally effective materials and working methods.
  • Reward our employees’ environmental awareness.
  • Encourage the participation of our partners, subcontractors, suppliers and clients in our environmental goals.